Upcoming Events

Event NameDateCity
Sunglass and Reader Reception3/27/2020New YorkVEE20SRDR
ABC Legal Council Meeting3/26/2020New YorkABCLEGAL
Sunglass and Reader Division Meeting3/26/2020New YorkVEE20SRD
Lab Division Meeting3/26/2020New YorkVEE20LAB
Fashion Trends Presentation3/26/2020New YorkVEE20FTP
Insights - An All Member Meeting3/26/2020New YorkVEE20IN
Lens Processing & Technology Meeting3/26/2020New YorkVEE20LPT
Lens Division Meeting3/25/2020New YorkVEE20LENS
Emerging Optical Leaders Roundtable3/25/2020New YorkVEE20EOL
Optical Retail Division Meeting3/25/2020New YorkVEE20ORD
Technical Meetings3/25/2020New YorkVEE20TECH
EOL Committee Meetings at Executive Summit1/29/2020ManalapanEOLES2020
The Vision Council Executive Summit 20201/29/2020ManalapanES2020