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Consumer Barometer Q4 2019 (PDF Download)0.00400.00CB2019Q4RESEARCH
Contact Lens Subscription Services Standard Report 2019750.001,250.00CLS2019RESEARCH
Contact Lens Subscription Services PLUS Report 20192,000.003,500.00CLSP2019RESEARCH
Contact Lens Subscription Services PLUS Report with Raw Data3,000.004,500.00CLSPR2019RESEARCH
Canada Market Overview Q4 2019 (PDF Download)0.00400.00CMO2019Q4RESEARCH
COVID-19 ECP Research March 23-280.000.00COVID19ECPR1621RESEARCH
COVID-19 Impact on the Optical Industry: Recorded Pres.0.000.00COVID2019RESEARCH
COVID-19 ECP Research March 9-140.000.00COVID2019ECPRRESEARCH
COVID-19 Member Research0.00250.00COVID2019MRRESEARCH
Consumer Technology Study 2017 (PDF)250.001,250.00CTSR2017ARESEARCH
ECP Equipment and Lens Report 2015 (PDF Download)0.001,250.00EELR2015ARESEARCH
Economic Situation Report 2019 (PDF Download)0.001,250.00ESR2019ARESEARCH
iECP Equipment and Software Purchases Report Q1 20190.00500.00IECPESPR2019Q1RESEARCH
Internet Influence Report 2018 (PDF Download)0.001,250.00IFR2018ARESEARCH
LPT Tracker Study Q4 2018 (PDF Download)0.00500.00LPTTS2018Q4RESEARCH
Market Analysis Report Q4 2019 (PDF Download)0.00600.00MAR2019Q4RESEARCH
COVID-19 Midpoint March Optical Impact Consumer Study0.000.00MMCOVID19RESEARCH
Managed Vision Care Usage and Behavior Study 2017 (PDF)250.001,250.00MVCUBS2017ARESEARCH
OTC Readers Index Report Q4 2019 (PDF Download)0.00250.00OTCRR2019Q4RESEARCH
Ocular Telemedicine Services (OTS) Report PLUS 20183,000.005,000.00OTSRP2018ARESEARCH
Ocular Telemedicine Services (OTS) Report Standard 2018500.001,000.00OTSRS2018ARESEARCH
Parent-Child Vision Care Report 2018 (PDF Download)0.001,250.00PCVCR2018ARESEARCH
Premium OTC Readers Report 2019 (PDF Download)0.001,250.00POTCRR2019ARESEARCH
Plano Sunglasses Index Report Q4 2019 (PDF Download)0.00250.00PSR2019Q4RESEARCH
Up to $30 Plano Sunglasses Index Report Q4 2019 (PDF0.00250.00PSR532019Q4RESEARCH